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Question PDSM difficult activate

My hT-warrior found PDSM of craftsmanship on DL33, a cavern level with with monster/object ratings 1--9.

1) PDSM were rare before V4. Are PDSM still rare in V 4.0.4?

2) Does PDSM craftsmanship warrant object rating 9 cavern DL33?

3) Are monster and object ratings calculated differently for standard, cavern, and maze levels?

The numerous resistance from PDSM are great, but the activation occurs with only 25% success, with 55 turns for recharge.

4) How can my hT-warrior improves activation success on PDSM?

5) Is it possible to shorten the recharge time of PDSM?

6) Are scrolls to impart stat bonuses onto PDSM?
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