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Really? I had a good longbow of accuracy (+15, +12) at the time. It was still a fairly no-brainer purchase to pickup the xbow. It does twice the damage of the long bow. I think I have bought one !aug in all my playing. But I'm not even sure I did buy it. They show up very rarely in the shop, and when they do I can't afford it, and if I have been trawling the dungeons for long enough to afford it, then I probably have enough stat gain for it to not be a critical purchase. So in my experience, it's never worth the 150,000 gold.

In other news I think I just won the game with this drop from Stone Troll Trio #3: The Fur Cloak of Borfin: [3, +7] <+3, +5> {??}

+3 INT
+5 CON
Speeds Regeneration

Granted, it's not a super crazy artifact or anything. But all of its {known} attributes are absolutely critical to my success.

I have an 8d6 weapon I haven't been maining with +4 INT because my current weapon does better damage against targets that matter and regenerates. But now I can main the +4 INT heavy hitter and swap to the other for bruising members of the Unholy Trinity.

Activates to self haste. 82-100 turns to recharge.

Items like this are so key for playing a low health redbook class. I effectively just gained +5 CON and +9 INT and in the last hundred or so turns picked up another +2 INT from potions Aaaaannd, just ID'd pConf on the cloak.
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