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Idea - naming dungeon spell books

I always quite liked the old books which were named after famous wizards (Kelek's, Raal's, etc) but they are way off-theme, coming from D&D or who knows where. I wonder if a fun way to bring that back, but in-theme, would be to name each of the dungeon books after an appropriate Ainur. That differentiates the dungeon books clearly so new players can see they are 'special' and it would provide a link to the names and descriptions of some of the artefacts and the Maiar in-dungeon. Without thinking too hard (and by no means an expert on the Tolkein's pantheon):

Mithrandir's Arcane Control
Curumo's Tome of Power

Aiwendil's Creature Dominion
Osse's Nature Craft
Yavanna's Wild Forces

Tulkas's Blessings
Manwe's Wrath

Sauron's Deadly Powers
Melkor's Corruption of Spirit
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