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Originally Posted by LostTemplar View Post
I want to make more contribution to FA/Beleriand.
I have made and tested some changes to FA, that seems good to me and can be added to Beleriand too, also I can find/fix bugz, btw I want to know if some parts of gameplay are planned to be completely changed, so I will not try to balance it.
That would be excellent.

I am (slowly) rewriting a lot of basic stuff for Beleriand, so it won't be worth doing anything with that for a while.

FA, on the other hand, still has bugs, and still needs 1.1.6 features ported forward (like mouse support and working NDS and WinCE (maybe) ports). You have a fork on github, right? If you put stuff in that (preferably do a branch per change) then I can pull it in - including any gameplay stuff you thought was a good idea. That way any fixes that should go into Beleriand I can pull in there, too.

Looking forward to it
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