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it would be nice to build an entire new Angband game around this concept of stealth and noise; sleeping mobs are harder to wake, but once awakened, their noise, and the noise from fighting, spreads through the level, jumping from mob to mob.

I had adapted this .. uh .. over 30 years ago, in my D&D campaigns. Traditional D&D modules will happily have mobs wait in a room while there is fighting in the next.
Instead of cranking up the mob level as my players levelled up, i just put in bigger dungeons, and more real-life disadvantages - alarms being the first. Then they would have this scenario where just killing a few screaming mobs would lead to the entire dungeon emptying onto them. Classic D&D never prepared you for 140 goblin archers.

Of course they got around this by fumigating the dungeon with burning smoke, collapsing it via earth elementals, or hiring an army. They were pretty smart.
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