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Smile Graphical UI and other upgrades to Angband?

I'd not call these screen mockups I'll be posting here for suggestions, but rather ideas for Angband UI/graphics upgrades. I've spent a little time making this Angband game screen, be aware that everything might not be 100% perfect as is.

Ideas behind it:

-Made the UI graphical rather than pure text based
-Added mouse support
-Menu/Game/Map/Inventory/Help screens are switchable by tabs to the top of the screen
-Wounds, haste, bleed, hunger etc are displayed by their respective icons to the left, beneath the player stats.
-Customizable fast buttons for spellbooks, lightsources etc placed to the bottom right of the screen. A click on a spellbook might open up a list of spells and allow the player to quickly cast one of them. A click on a lightsource switch it on/off

Fantasy art kits for personal and commercial use. Commercial use requires a Developer license, also available through my website.
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