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Sky is on a distinguished road

right at the start is Maeglin, The Annoying, who resists several Rend Soul, so i turn a corner and lay down a rune. I also drink a !Mana because i know he's gonna summon EVERYTHING. And he summons two Nazguls, both of which i teleport away. He breaks my first rune, so i phase and lay another. And he breaks it. Again i phase and rune, and he summons half a dozen deadly monsters, such as Greater Titans and Great Chaos Wyrms. I MBan, fail twice, and drink another !Mana. I lay yet another rune and he finally dies .. this has to have been the easiest Maglin fight i've ever had.

He drops

The Rapier 'Eluriach' (1d6) (+24,+26) [+4]

+2 STR, +3 INT, +3 WIS, +4 DEX, +6 Tunnel
*Slay undead/demons, Slay dragon/giant/troll/orc.
weak fire brand. What is it with all these weak brands, it seems regular brands have gone extinct.
rFire, rPois, rLight, Regen, SI, FA, Bless. A: Remove Curse.

Again, not useful anymore.

I move a bit and find a chest, which drops me TWO artifact armors, but before i can see what they are, i need to quickly kill Quake, Master Of The Earth. He can be stunned by Ice Storm, so i find out.

He dies, but before i can rest, the two Nazgul show up - Khamul, The Black Easterling, and Hoarmurath Of Dir. Neither of them put up much of a fight, i do eat a nether bolt but otherwise it's just rune and melee.

My drops:

The Bastard Sword of Hilin (3d4) (+11,+12)

+3 STR +3 INT +3 WIS +3 DEX
Slay animal, *Cold, rCold (you never know), Blessed.

The STudded LEather Armour of Moromen [12,+13]

+1 DEX
IAcid, rLightning, rFire, rCold, rPois, rLight, rShards.

and finally The Adamantite Plate Mail of Eleniel [80,+25]

blimey what AC. +2 WIS, rBase, rDark, rSound.

i will sell all 3. Not that i need the money, but just as a matter of habit.

DL79 again.

Just some low level demons, i TO a Great Wyrm, and descend down the stairs.


level feeling 4-4.


level feeling 7-7, i'm out of !Enlight. I do find one in a special room, but i also find Arien, awake, and i decide to leave.


greater vault with Glaurung, Lungorthin, Cantoras, Ancalong, Scatha, Ithangast, and Polyphemus.
I TO Ancalong, rekk Scatha, rekk Ithangast, and TO Cantoras/Lungorthin/Glaurung.
I quaff a !Exp, and discard all my mage books 1-4 and make off with the following haul:

The Awl Pike 'Brevrin' (1d8) (+6,+21)

+3 CON, Slay demon, slay evil. rDisen. Blessed.

The Blade Of Chaos Of Andoling (6d5) (+5,+14) [+6]

*Slay dragon, demon, Slay troll/animal.
Acid brand, rChaos, *Acid. SI.

pretty good damage and rChaos, but not now.

The Executioner's Sword of Serebor (4d5) (+13,+5)

+3 Spd, *Slay dragon, slay evil. Cold brand.

*NOT* Ringlin.

The Scimitar 'Sarmel' (4d2) (+8,+_14)

+4 STR, +3 INT, +5 CON, +3 Infra,

*slay everything. Lightning brand. rAcid/cold/lightning, rChaos, rDisen, pBlind, SI, FA.

this is going to be my main weapon now, for the two resists i lack. Less damage, but who cares.
I also find:

The Steel helm Of Valamion [9,+18]

+4 CON, ESP, HLife.


The Jewel Encrusted Crown 'Morod' [0,+12] {cursed}

+3 WIS, +2 DEX, rLight, rChaos, pBlind, ESP, FA.
it makes hard to hit anything.

I haven't stashed any *Remove Curse*, so it might take me a while.

I prepare for the long, boring job of making an item build .. tomorrow.

CL39, 705hp, 306 sp.
"i can take this dracolich"
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