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For the Cloning Pits quest it says "Levitation and a good distance weapon are recommended", I don't find that to be accurate
I think levitation is irrelevant and that stealth is more important than being able to strike from distance, and if distance attacks were very helpful I think it would be better to say something like "Distance attacks recommended" or "Melee not recommended"

Some quests have hints/recommendations and some don't, would it be better if it was uniform and that they all did or they all didn't
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Levitation isn't vital, but it's relevant. For example, you can levitate over the line of pits between the treerows; these are among the few easily accessible bottlenecks on the level (until something blows up the trees, at least).

Edit - Just to round things out here: a distance attack is useful for a number of reasons. One reason is that it helps to minimize the time between when things wake up and when they die. That in turns helps to keep things from going out of control.

Stealth is definitely extremely useful, agreed, although it's not essential (you can just be ridiculously buff instead).

rChaos is also extremely nice to have there.
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Just to add to Bostock, if you aren't finding distance attacks useful it's probably because you're playing something that's brutal in close. I certainly wouldn't try and do that with a mage. So in a way the hints a bit silly, if you're playing melee your best of melee-ing , if you're a ranged attacker you're going to ranged attack. If you're a bit of both, I mean this is still the same right? You use both like you always do. That said I do often use a fair bit of ranged attack in there and find the advice reasonable. Agree that stealth is better. That's every quest, though & generally you always pack as much stealth as a build allows.
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Distance attacks are really nice to have for the Jurts in particular, because you can't rely on the Jurts staying within melee range, and you usually want them dead as soon as possible. And while levitation isn't necessary, it's definitely convenient - pretty much the only quest where levitation makes a difference. Stealth is good, yes, but like wobbly said, stealth is good in all quests so it goes without saying.
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