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Uses for "out-of-character" items

I seem to recall one roguelike or some other sort of RPG giving XP bonuses for destroying "out-of-character" or "oppositely aligned" items - e.g. if you are a paladin you get XP for destroying, say, a tome of necromancy, the reasoning being that extinguishing the dark art would be part of a paladin's job. (I think it may have been sCthangband, but I'm not sure... it does sound like a feature that would be found in Crawl though!)
That makes me think, wouldn't that be a cool feature for Angband? It would definitely give the player a more interesting choice when playing a fighter and finding a high-level spellbook - instead of just "keep & sell, or junk it for something better", it's "keep & sell, or destroy for experience"!
And the idea can be expanded on, too - maybe instead of XP, a fighter could get the effects of a heroism/berserk potion by destroying appropriately powerful books or magic items. Or maybe paladins are supposed to be so pure that certain items are forbidden to them and incur a penalty - what if every time you used that wand of stinking cloud, one of your items was cursed or you lost some XP or something? Decisions, decisions!
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