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don't be so hermetic.

The randart list is generated at the start of the game. There used to be an option to keep a randart list over multiple games, but it no longer exists.

Obviously, which artifact gets selected for a level is determined upon generating that level. You can have the same artifact generated multiple times, until you find it - walk on it or pick it up. Once you find the artifact, if you discard it, it's gone forever.

There is a game option to play with artifacts which are placed on a level only once - if you miss it, it's gone forever. As a payoff, you get a special symbol, "$" in the level feeling, to show you that an artifact exists on that level. (it's harder to play like this, believe me, i used this option for years)
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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
The randart list is generated at the start of the game. There used to be an option to keep a randart list over multiple games, but it no longer exists.
If you do really like you can grab the file from your user/archive directory, copy it to your user directory as "artifact.txt", and play with randarts off.
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Ok, so this has happened to me.

My clvl48 HE blackguard has all sorts of cool stuff and I'm close to the final fight. I'm crawling dlvl65-70 looking for upgrades and potions right now but I've not found a randart light - since these can often give useful stat boosts and even immunities then I'd really like to find a couple.

* Is it true there are no randart lights below dlvl30?

* Is it possible there are not randart lights in my game?
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*1 Randart lights wont drop below a certain level; the exact number depends on the (random) power of the lights, but is usually around 40.

*2 No.

What I usually do is refrain from killing uniques till level ~25 or so (except for the very early ones, Bullroarer Wormy) - thats where typically the small drop window for randart lights starts - and then proceed slowly from there and dont move past 40 without killing all the uniques at that depth and not without at least one randart light. Usually I find most of them this way.
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