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Stores and other random thoughts

Overall, I think stores are rather useless once you get to mid-game. At least for me, I wait until the black market has stat gain potions, waste my gold on them, and *maybe* something of interest pops up there. The general store doesn't buy anything back and you can't even buy a lantern anymore. It seems like the main stores never have anything ego+ anymore. Every so often something will pop up, but not as often as old Angband versions. Everyone (except me) now uses the system to buy out the inventory, which seems like cheating to me. If one will allow that, there should be an easy way to auto-buy and squelch.


Maybe once you get to dlvl 30 you have a chance of a "store" vault, which is some form of a black market, temple, magic, apothecary, weapon or armor store with outrageously high prices to spend your gold on. It would have limited inventory.

Make ego items a bit more regular in the normal stores - they are so abundant in the dungeon, where do they all go?

Go back to general store buying items and occasionally having a nice digger.

Other random thoughts as I play:

I am starting to get angry that all the uniques I kill drop crap and I find better "crap" on the floor.

The dungeon layouts, although random, are really starting to get monotonous and uninspiring to me. This is the most I have EVER played the game for a few months in a row, so maybe that's why. I also saw someone post here recently about messing with a constant somewhere to get more interesting levels.

Please make hounds a bit more rare, and some other rarities a bit more common.

The @ scrolling off the screen, leaving portions of CURRENT rooms unvisible stinks. An older version used to scroll the screen less squares, or more frequently, so when it scrolled, you would always have a full room in sight.

On the scrolling subject - why can't targeting work off-screen... For instance I have a macro for OOD "m3b*t" and when something runs away, one character off-screen, it can't find it... This may also be related to the scrolling subject and fixed if the scrolling was changed.

I agree with everyone of late saying characters should get multiple barehanded blows (should be calculated due to MWW for the class, IMHO), especially for character generation.

Warriors should get one extra base blow, or something to make them more able to wield heavier objects and get multi-blows than a rogue, or anyone else. Once you wield weapons over the MWW, all classes act the same, which doesn't make sense to me.

Don't think of these as complaints, just items that I think could be worked better as I play...

The stores thing really irks me now, because that used to be the best part of the game (or at least most fun for me) when I used to play Moria/Angband. Now it is monotonous - read WoR, collect crap, read WoR, sell crap, repeat. I rarely ever buy anything other than the random speed and stat gain potions in the BM.
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