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Unangband 0.6.4-pre2 for OS X

NOTE: Sorry, the thread title is wrong, (copy/paste error on my part) this post pertains to the "Unangband-0.6.4-pre4-osx" release, NOT pre2...

Unangband seems like a great variant! However, I cannot get past 1st level, the app crashes while leveling.

Mac OS 10.5.8 Intel

1) Start with a new game ( novice style , all Chars get set to 15, etc )
2) Travel to the Farm from Hobbiton
3) Kill monsters ( either on the Farm or in the dungeon there )
4) When leveling to 2, you'll be prompted to select two characteristics to improve. I selected STR and DEX.
5) After selecting them, you'll get a confirmation request.
6) Press 'y'

Result: App freezes for a few, then crashes. Stack Crawl below.

Note: I tried downloading the source, but the mac target / instructions do not work. I get errors when compiling from the command line.

0 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x0014bdc4 my_strcpy + 22 (z-util.c:70)
1 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x00148852 vstrnfmt + 1104 (z-form.c:515)
2 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x00148a9c vformat + 144 (z-form.c:601)
3 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x00148b7a format + 27 (z-form.c:664)
4 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x0013e546 check_experience + 1469 (xtra2.c:1907)
5 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x001406f7 mon_take_hit + 1196 (xtra2.c:3111)
6 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x00017c64 py_attack + 2916 (cmd1.c:3432)
7 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x00018a5b move_player + 963 (cmd1.c:4010)
8 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x0001eb82 do_cmd_walk + 325 (cmd2.c:2972)
9 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x000547f8 process_command + 1033 (dungeon.c:2852)
10 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x0005564c process_player + 2149 (dungeon.c:3282)
11 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x00056746 dungeon + 3437 (dungeon.c:3642)
12 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x00058cb6 play_game + 1072 (dungeon.c:4074)
13 net.thangorodrim.Unangband 0x0014ff63 AngbandGame + 474 (main-crb.c:2904)

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Pete Mack
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To compile a
debug build on mac:

$ make -f Makefile.osx OPT=-g
If you've already built the optimized build, make clean first.

To debug on mac:

$ cd .. ## to angband root directory
$ gdb
$ gdb ## I think.
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Originally Posted by Daedric View Post
Unangband seems like a great variant! However, I cannot get past 1st level, the app crashes while leveling.

Mac OS 10.5.8 Intel
Odd. I develop on an admittedly older OSX platform and I've not seen this behaviour. Nonetheless I'll add it to the bug list and debug.

Edit: I can't see anything in check_experience that a set of very innocuous looking format statements would cause a crash over. I suspect I'm going to have to get either some more detail from a debug build, or release another version and have you try that as well...

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