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Newbie observations and questions

Just got a copy of vanilla Angband about a month ago. Best I've managed so far is dying on level 48 while being attacked by 3 uniques (Akhorahil, Scatha, and Ren all at once) with all my teleports and potions used up, while waiting for a recall.

Probably the first thing I noticed on starting up the game was an absolutely glaring omission in the documentation. The meaning of all the crazy numbers next to items! I managed to figure them out for myself through trial and error, but geeze. My initial reaction to seeing something like "an expensive black market item you can't afford (4d6) (+3, +8) [4, +8] +1" was "geeze, this crazy game must use a variant of the Palladium ruleset." It took me about 5 or 10 characters worth of play to figure out what that mess means, and I can't find a thing in any of the docs or guides. Just a paragraph or two about enchantment numbers would have cut the learning curve down to nothing for me (other than learning what monsters are deadly and what aren't. "Oh, look, 'impact hounds.' I'm sure they can't be much tougher than light hounds.").

Anyway, some dumb noob questions. Artifacts are indestructible; is that the same thing as un-disenchantable?

Does this game use a D20 system, or a percentile system? I still have no idea, since enemy difficulty ramps up so insanely, and since good items have such crazy high enchantments.

Is there any rule of thumb for "safe" depth for a given character level?
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