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Therem Harth
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TFork idea: antimagic monsters

Between class assignments, I've taken to working on TFork again...

It's gotten clear to me that nothing less than 100% trap detection will work vs. ToME traps, so I've decided against the whole thing with making Searching, Perception, and Disarming actually work. Instead I'm giving Archers, Rogues, and Monks access to Antimagic.

But this gave me another idea. If players can use Antimagic, why not monsters?

I figure I could give certain monsters a trait (call it ANTI_MAGIC) that causes spell and device fail rates to increase the closer you get. The higher the monster's level, the farther the AM field would extend. However, monsters with AM fields would be unable to cast spells.

I figure, if I do this, I ought to leave monsters' breath attacks (if applicable) and artifact activations (duh) unaffected.

Also, the monster's AM field would have to affect other monsters, which would probably be kind of tricky. But, given time, I think this is doable.

What do people here think of the idea? Is it good, or just too nasty on the player?
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