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Announce NPPAngband 0.5.2 (final) released

This is mostly a release to fix about 10 bugs, the most prominent of which were that the disturb_near option and probing were broken.

Here are the links:


Windows executable:

Here is a complete changelist:

Added a flag to monster_type "project" to indicate when the monster is in projectable los to the player.
Fixed a typo in the message when the player gets their constitution drained by a GF_TIME attack.
Fixed a bug causing memory leak when a savefile is loaded.
Fixed a bug that caused probing not to work.
Fixed a bug that prevented the disturb_near option from working.
Changed monster AI so monsters will have the option to breathe when the player is in line of sight. Previously they
only breathed with clear LOS and with no other monsters in the way.
Reduced the amount monster breaths dissipate with distance. 100% damage now goes out about 8 squares (instead of 5),
and it dissipates at a lower rate. 20 squares away, the damage is around 40% and was previously around 25%.
Added checks to reduce or eliminate splash damage from monster breaths and ball spells for uniques, quest monsters,
monsters of the same race, or of the similar race, or for monsters who breathe the same types of breaths.
Slightly changed how monsters handle being attacked when damaged by the player when the
player is out of LOS.
Made changes to the makefiles to make it easier to compile for MAC.
Added a routine that ensures there are always enough monsters on a themed level quest.
Added project files for MS Visual C++ Express (Created by Brian Bull)
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