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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I would like to see your device skill multiplier added to the item description for wands, staves, etc. It's not hard to calculate, but it changes depending on the item -- the multpilier is 1 + (your device skill - object level) / 100. Device skill is given as a number on your character sheet, so you don't need to calculate that (it derives from INT, class, and race though); the object level is in object.txt.
IMO this would be a useful improvement. It may not be too hard to add, I'll look into it. The question is what is a more useful display?

option 1: "...a lightning bolt that does 6d6 * 1.35 damage"

option 2: "...a lightning bolt that does an average damage of 28.35"

option 3: "...a 6d6 lightning bolt that does adjusted average damage of 28.35"
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