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Ironman question

As in recent games I usually died of... well, indifference (like deliberately attacking a drolem without poison resist), i finally decided that i need to take some action to make the game more intense...

so i ended up trying an ironman character. and i have to say that it works, i'm much more stressed than i usually am at these depths, and feeling stressed definitely helps surviving

didn't start out well, almost all +1/-1 potions took away from my primary stats, especially strength... + i didn't find free action till ~lvl 30, at which time i was also still trying to kill things with a stupid lead-filled mace of slay orc...[just checked the dump, of course i'm exaggerating again found barukkheled on dlvl 26] but now that i have FA, res poison, ESP and a more or less decent weapon, i feel considerably more comfortable.
but i slowly start having inventory problems. already discarded some artifacts, but now i'm a bit clueless... i'm wearing thalkettoth and now i found arvedui. i'd appreciate res nexus, but i tend towards keeping thalkettoth for its +3 speed.
but now i started wondering if maybe i should simply throw away my swap ring of damage +13... or the bow of amras? thing with amras is that i was planning to wear it once my con seems adequately high.
i'm mildly confused...
anyway, i guess i'll ditch arvedui... unless i get other suggestions before it's too late

btw, one thing i love about ironman is that you have to care about everything. not being able to go to town for restocking makes close situations much more interesting... should i drink a !ccw? should i really use one of my last three ?phase door? i really enjoy that...

aah... dump:

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I think the damage ring is going to be more useful than Amras. Also, drink !Enlight when you find them. Don't bother saving them, they're a waste of inventory space. They'd be the first thing I'd get rid of from my inventory.
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uaah... it's always the same, now that you said it i start wondering "why the hell didn't i think of this??"
sounds pretty convincing, ditched them right away, thanks for the hint! anyway, i've continued a bit and got really lucky. found a ring of speed +8 pretty early, as well as cubragol and boots of speed +10... apart from that i made a few stupid decisions, like having cammithrim disenchanted to +3 +3, which really bugs me... also i ditched ?teleport, which might not have been a good idea. i still have tele lvl/deep descent but i guess morgoth will laugh his ass off if i try using them on lvl 100 in ironman...
anyway, at the moment i have +31 unhasted and i feel i can kill pretty much everything at my current depth... actually i'd like to dive, but i'm worried that i can't pick up enough !*healing*, ?*destruction* etc. for morgoth...
anyway, is there anything that i'm completely missing, something that i must have? !res poison maybe? i guess tarrasque will enjoy more if i don't have them, but pleasing him isn't my primary goal at the moment...
thx in advance!
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