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[FA] Thrall mode

Having a break from the comp character, I decided to check out the new thrall mode. I've had two particularly successful characters....

1. CL28. Notable finds were HA Battle Axe, randart combat ring (with +3 STR, rDark), Elvenkind armour, BoS(+9) !!!, many useful devices and stat potions. Got killed by the Stone of Lore! I was so chuffed when I found it as I could finally start IDing some of my kit. Unfortunately I didn't realise the difference between a warrior using it and someone with a mana reserve and I got paralyzed and battered to death by a Spirit Troll.

2. CL28 again. This guy found a Rod of Perception which made all the difference! His other best finds were Balli Stonehand and Elvenkind armour and shield. Got killed by Balli (indirectly). Basically the regen on Balli meant his food supply didn't last long. I had to go scumming for food. Got chased by a demon pit which took all my ?*Destruction* to evade and then I got jumped by Tevildo.

Thoughts... loads of fun, though the games don't often last long. The starting food supply is not adequate (and there doesn't seem to be much lying about!) - perhaps start with 10 ?Satisfy Hunger instead? I think if you find recall - rather than 'Nothing Happens' it should set your current location as a recall point for when you do get home. It will be really galling to make your way to Gondolin to set up home and then have to make it all the way back to Angband again on foot.

As a final anecdote, I just had a shortlived Petty Dwarf Assassin. He survived long enough to pick up four items before dying (to a trap I think). I checked his inventory from the death screen to find the unId'd objects included Hithlomir and BoS(+10)... gutted.
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