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Doh! [Vanilla 3.05]

"You have a superb feeling about this level."

That's always a fun message to see isn't it? At least once your past the point of jelly pits generating them.

So I saw that message at dungeon level 76. And I was happy.

There was Kronos in one vault. There was another minor vault with some Wyrms and Demons. And finally there was a graveyard.

Now a little note about my inventory management style before I go on. I'm a borderline hoarder in real life, and in Angband I'm worse. Deciding what to get rid of I find the most dreadful process in Angband. So much so I've designed sophisticated spreadsheets to help make it a more analytical process, so I can be more at peace decisions to part with artifacts and the occasional super-duper ego item (like my Mace of Disruption of Two Extra Attacks).

I also have a play style that is somewhat at odds with winning the game. I compulsively kill all the monsters on the level, even if the risk/reward is terrible (I'm looking at you Undead Beholder). In my current game, I have yet to 1) teleport other 2) use a scroll of banishment or 3) use a scroll of mass banishment.

So if you are going to take on every Great Wyrm and every Demon, then it is worthwhile to have most high resistances covered. So combining my play style with inventory management style, I end up cramming my house full of different possible combinations of armor, shields, amulets, etc.

I make room for only one non-equipment object: Potions of Life. However, I take all Potions of Healing and *Healing* with me into the dungeon.

At the start of my "superb" level 76, my hobbit rogue had saved up to 12 Potions of *Healing*, though I was starting to run a little low on Potions of Healing (just 5 left). So what I do is this: the first room I find after killing the monsters, I deposit my Potions of *Healing*, extra ammunition, and extra scrolls (Protection from Evil and Prayer). I've been doing this for a very long time, and as long as I have Resist Nexus and am super careful detecting traps, I'm golden.

I took on Kronos first. I won't lie. He was a pain. He summoned Greater Titans on three different occasions. I ended up having to use 2 of my Potions of healing. But in the end I got the job done. Now there huge piles of loot. I pseudo-IDed everything. I tend to keep anything worth more than 1K gold pieces. I compulsively like to collect as much gold as possible too, and I compulsively arrange my loot when I finish a dungeon and enter it into a spreadsheet and sort it to figure what to sell back in the town. Yes, I know I'm insane. With 20/20 hindsight, I need to raise that 1K number to 5K or 10K.

Then I took on the vault--it was overall a piece of cake. I think I had a Pit Fiend summon some Lesser Balrogs, but it wasn't a big deal. But again a fair amount of loot.

Then I took on the graveyard. The graveyard had a lot of Elder Vampires (at least 10), Archliches (at least 10), and Dreadlords (at least 10). There were a handful of Nether Wraiths and Dreads as well. Things were dandy until one of them summoned greater undead. That brought Khamul, 3 Nightwalkers, 2 Nightcrawlers, and an undead beholder. So that took some time and some tactics to take down that crowd (some of whom summoned their own undead). So eventually, there was just stuff everywhere around the graveyard. And anytime I tried to get to some of it to ID it or destroy the trash, another Archlich/Elder Vampire/Dreadlord would come through the walls.

At some point, I got a message that made me wish I was playing a more recent version of Angband... "Compacting objects..." I knew that wasn't good, since it meant a lot of my shiny swords and armors that I like to line up elegantly at the end of the level were going to go <poof>. It wasn't until the last of the twelve druj was dead that I realized exactly what was gone...

Yep. My twelve Potions of *Healing* had gone <poof> as well as all my scrolls of prayer (which are at least fairly replaceable).

Well at least I got some interesting artifacts: Anduril, Belthronding, Angrist, and Anguirel. I'm definitely keeping Belthronding. Anduril is a maybe (it could replace Mattock of Nain at my house). But Angrist and Anguirel won't make the cut.

But those potions... ugh... ugh... To make matters worse I only have one Potion of Healing left.

Last edited by NoSurrender; April 13, 2012 at 16:31. Reason: I suck at commas for some reason in 1st drafts...
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3.05, compacting, insanity, inventory, vanilla

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