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Fixing dir, shift-dir and ctrl-dir keys part 1: Win client

The problem: shift-dir and ctrl-dir keys (keypad) don't work with numlock on

The solution (main-win.c):

static bool handle_keydown(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
	keycode_t ch = 0;

	bool kp = FALSE;
	int mods = 0;
	static bool has_shift = FALSE;
	static bool has_ctrl = FALSE;
#define check_ctrl(K) \
    if (has_ctrl) \
    { \
        ch = (K); \
        mods |= KC_MOD_CONTROL; \

#ifdef USE_SAVER
	if (screensaver_active)
		return TRUE;
#endif /* USE_SAVER */

	/* for VK_ */
	switch (wParam) {
		case VK_F1: ch = KC_F1; break;
		case VK_F2: ch = KC_F2; break;
		case VK_F3: ch = KC_F3; break;
		case VK_F4: ch = KC_F4; break;
		case VK_F5: ch = KC_F5; break;
		case VK_F6: ch = KC_F6; break;
		case VK_F7: ch = KC_F7; break;
		case VK_F8: ch = KC_F8; break;
		case VK_F9: ch = KC_F9; break;
		case VK_F10: ch = KC_F10; break;
		case VK_F11: ch = KC_F11; break;
		case VK_F12: ch = KC_F12; break;
		case VK_F13: ch = KC_F13; break;
		case VK_F14: ch = KC_F14; break;
		case VK_F15: ch = KC_F15; break;

		case VK_INSERT: ch = KC_INSERT; break;
		case VK_DELETE: ch = KC_DELETE; break;
		/* Backspace is calling both backspace and delete
		   Removed the backspace call, so it only calls delete */
		case VK_BACK: break;
		/* Tab is registering as ^i; don't read it here*/
	        case VK_TAB: break;
        /* Ensure that shift-dir works with NUMLOCK on */
        case VK_PRIOR: ch = KC_PGUP; if (has_shift) mods |= KC_MOD_SHIFT; break;
		case VK_NEXT: ch = KC_PGDOWN; if (has_shift) mods |= KC_MOD_SHIFT; break;
		case VK_END: ch = KC_END; if (has_shift) mods |= KC_MOD_SHIFT; break;
		case VK_HOME: ch = KC_HOME; if (has_shift) mods |= KC_MOD_SHIFT; break;
		case VK_LEFT: ch = ARROW_LEFT; if (has_shift) mods |= KC_MOD_SHIFT; break;
		case VK_RIGHT: ch = ARROW_RIGHT; if (has_shift) mods |= KC_MOD_SHIFT; break;
		case VK_UP: ch = ARROW_UP; if (has_shift) mods |= KC_MOD_SHIFT; break;
		case VK_DOWN: ch = ARROW_DOWN; if (has_shift) mods |= KC_MOD_SHIFT; break;

		case VK_CLEAR: ch = '5'; kp=TRUE; break;
		case VK_PAUSE: ch = KC_PAUSE; break;
		case VK_SHIFT: has_shift = TRUE; return TRUE;
		case VK_CONTROL: has_ctrl = TRUE; return TRUE;
		/* Ensure that ctrl-dir works with NUMLOCK on */
		case VK_NUMPAD9:
        case VK_NUMPAD3:
        case VK_NUMPAD1:
        case VK_NUMPAD7:
        case VK_NUMPAD4:
        case VK_NUMPAD6:
        case VK_NUMPAD8:
        case VK_NUMPAD2:
	has_shift = FALSE;
	has_ctrl = FALSE;

	/* we could fall back on using the scancode */
	/* obtained using LOBYTE(HIWORD(lParam)) */
	/* see */

	if (ch) {
		mods |= extract_modifiers(ch, kp);
		/* printf("ch=%d mods=%d\n", ch, mods); */
		/* fflush(stdout); */
		Term_keypress(ch, mods);
		return FALSE;
	return TRUE;
This works with Win7 and an AZERTY keyboard (my tests didn't show any regression when I tried different combinations of keys). More tests with different configurations will be needed, but I think this fixes the problem once and for all.
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