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Sorry, I'm not sure why I made a double post.

Last edited by myshkin; June 27, 2012 at 06:10. Reason: Removed duplicate content.
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Originally Posted by myshkin View Post
Indeed. I will see if I can get to that next week, if no one else beats me to it. It should be a fairly straightforward fix. You can definitely close the windows from the subwindow option menu (=, w, uncheck any flags associated with that subwindow, exit menu).
Oh, right, missed that. ewan, take note.
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Originally Posted by Atanvarno View Post
- I don't like radius-1 lights.
This recent change is giving me headaches for my variant. Since it's a multiplayer game and you're supposed to party, the dungeon generator has been altered to generate wide-2 corridors. Having a torch equipped on two characters playing together works well, but if you decide to soloplay, exploring the dungeon becomes a real pain. For that, I've re-added lanterns in the General Store... but with the new pricing system, they cost over 600 gold a piece. I could decide to give a lantern to starting characters... but what would be the point of having torches? In the old times, every starting character would go immediately to the General Store, buy a lantern and sell the starting torches (you remember the three steps of beating the game right? 1. Go to general store 2. Buy a lantern 3. Kill Morgoth). In fact, it's probably fine as it is now... if you want a lantern, you can pay for it or simply scum 250ft for one -- they should be common at that depth.
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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Well, it depends on what's meant by "common", doesn't it? I mean that you should find probably about one or two potions per level at that depth. At least, I think that's about right.
On the ground, or after killing all the monsters? When I get home I'll check what stats say. I wouldn't be surprised if it was around 1 after clearing a level.
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