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myshkin is on a distinguished road still has some of the various MacAngband releases available, including 1.0.

The other approach is to port 2.4.frog-knows gameplay to the modern UI. I know at least a couple people would very much appreciate having that work done.
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Malak Darkhunter
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So I made it down to about DL40, defeated Kavalax, many Ancient Dragons, and several uniques, was feeling pretty tough and then stormed in an ancient multi-hued dragon, who quickly breathed me into the nether world.....

Overall very fun will try to get deeper on next trip, Amnesia became very annoying as I had to constantly re-identify my equipment, If I had a magic class with identify it wouldn't be a problem, but for a warrior it was.

The game is harder in aspect of having to have inherent knowledge of game artifacts and ego's and having to sometimes look up spoiler files to figure out exactly what you have resistances for, but the game is easier in the aspect of no monster fear makes enemies easier to destroy without running away from you to heal. Monster Ai(Pathfinding) is easy to exploit. I think object generation feels very much like V 3.4 without curses. Modern Smart monsters in V 3.4 makes modern V in my opinion harder.
let me try this workaround...oh crap computer just went black
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