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You have four stats, STR, DEX, CON, GRA. When you create your character at the beginning of the game you assign points to each. These numbers remain with you for the rest of the game - your stats can be temporarily reduced by certain monster attacks and restored to their originals via consumables. Certain consumables will also raise them for a limited period, and equipment can modify your stats while it is being worn. But the base values to which all these modifiers apply are assigned at character creation and never change.


There are 8 skills on which you can spend experience points during the game. You start with 5000 experience points which you may use at once or keep for later (though that's not advised). The more you spend the higher the numbers go. Your DEX and GRA apply flat bonuses to relevant skills, and modifiers apply here too. As you earn more experience you can keep improving your skills


Each skill has an ability tree. You can spend your experience here, and some abilities unlock other abilities, giving you the opportunity to spend even more experience on those.

Sil has an excellent manual which is included in the download and explains thoroughly how all the numbers work.
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ok, thanks guys for all the info, it is starting to make more sense.

Also, I watched a couple videos from the youtube channel which helped me understand a few things
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