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Here is a map of Middle Earth in the First Age

Ask if there is any place that interest you
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Quick update. I'm still on the map generation:

I have implemented several solutions (random boxes, linking them; bunch of overlapping boxes and moving them slowly out of each other; large box and carving corridors).

I'm currently trying a few hybrid ideas since I don't want things too ordered, but, at the same time, I'd don't want it to look like chaos either.
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If you are dealing with Middle Earth in its entirety, you will have to re do map generation everytime you start a new region

What you want is a unique idea that has never been done in Tolkien (the writer of Middle Earth) roguelikes before, I'm not saying your idea is not unique, its just been done in Troubles of Middle Earth before and you will find it very difficult to do better

Here are my ideas (they are all singleplayer)

A game set in Mordor where you are playing as Frodo or Sam (the character you are not controlling is your follower) and you have to make your way through Mordor to Mount Doom to destroy The One Ring, however it will give you the chance to explore "castle" idea because there will be Orc camps, outposts, towers and fortresses (Cirith Ungol where Frodo was put after he was captures being one of the main ones) , Also Barad Dur this could give you the option to climb Barad Dur - it could be 50 floors tall (at 20 ft for every time you go up or down a stairs) and at the top you could kill Sauron (who had only nine fingers during The Lord of The Rings) whuch would result in a significant morale reduction in his servants

Sauron's "throne room" would act like Morgoth's throne room in Sil he would be surrounded by his unique servants, (to fight Sauron you will need a high will points or else he will bend you to his will and take The One)

Vaults in Barad Dur would include food stockpiles, tool stockpiles, armouries, forges, prisons, torture chambers, kennels, sleeping quarters and others of the sorts

You would also be able to access the high pass and reach Minas Morgul which would make for an adventure on its own

I have more ideas if you are interested

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Angmar. The PC must descend the halls of Carn Dum, defeat the Witch King and possibly face the necromancer itself. Third age references ensue.
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