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Announce: DaJAngband v1.0.97 Released

changes since 1.0.96:
- Some improvements from vanilla 3.1: treasure and object detection combined, characters start wielding their equipment, elemental rings add branding damage to melee blows.
- Most race flags are displayed on the birth screen.
- Magic staffs are now wieldable
- A few new various egos were added, including a couple new possible drawbacks. Darkvision is added to the list of random special abilities. Also, a few new mixed blessing mushrooms to replace some of the old ones.
- My attempt at weapon balancing range weapons: Slightly nerfed bow damage (x2 multiplier multiplies damage by 1.75, etc). Got rid of the useless
x1 launchers I had added earlier. Rogues, druids, barbarians, hobbits, and living ghouls get strength bonus added to slings, and barbarians also get strength bonus to thrown weapons.
- My attempt at weapon balancing melee: Light weapons (4lb or less) get no strength bonus. Heavy weapons (more than 15lb) get double strength bonus. Strength bonus is now added before multipliers (brands & slays). Weapon weight is a bigger factor in the likeliness of critical hits than before (and character level is less).
- Done away with infravision: it is now completely replaced by monster stealth and character alertness. Most monsters which used to be warm-blooded and invisible are now visible but stealthy, but there is a new monster spell which lets them temporarily turn invisibile. (The illusionist monster has spells which are more appropriate for an illusionist now: can temporarily turn invisible, but doesn't have the hold spell). Each class and race has an alertness rating like with other skills. Dwarves are the least alert race, but to make up for it, they have darkvision, meaning they don't need light to see monsters.
- Humans, hobbits, and fairy gnomes now have a NICE flag, meaning non-evil animals and light fairies are less aggressive towards them. (I wanted to give something good to humans, this probably isn't enough).
- Monster breath damage has been slightly nerfed.
- Class changes: The war mage class now starts with a new type of magic staff as a weapon. The rogue spell list has been improved. Note: Several of the classes are kindof experimental, but the war mage especially is not finished and needs more testing & balancing. The problem is that I prefer to play with other classes, so I don't get around to testing it.
- feather falling gives slight resistance to gravity damage (but not other effects of gravity).
- a couple more new mushroom types replacing a couple old boring ones.
- several other small changes that I didn't even keep track of

Download link:
(DaJAngband website link is in my sig)

Play DaJAngband:

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