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MUD development

I've been working on developing a text-based telnet MUD (for fun and to teach myself to program - not to be the Next Big MUD). I'd love to get some suggestions and have folks test it for me to help me find out what's broken and what needs improving. If anyone's interested, I'll compile some info on the site I have for it and post a link here.

It's still in the very early stages, but I've got the engine and some of the basic mechanics working, so people can run around the town and buy things and interact with a handful of commands. I also have a rudimentary skill system set up (learn by practice, no levels), though the only skills people can develop currently are hiding and firekindling. Swimming and climbing work, but there's nothing in the explorable area yet to climb or swim.

No combat yet, but it's what I'm working on next, since it seems to be what most people are interested in.

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