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Items hidden in rubble

I entered level with excellent feeling so I decided to use Potion of enlighrment.

However after celaning the level I found only Talkettoth dropped by master Vampire.

Can another artifact be hidden in rubble?
Do I need to clean all rubbles on the level?
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I found the answer.
If item generaion didn't change than items under rubbles are generated after you clear the pile.
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Note that the level feelings use some general evaluation based on the depth, and only take into account the items lying on the ground at the time the level feeling is generated. This means:
if there is a magic mace on dlvel 1 it will create a superb level feeling because this is a super powerful item for this depth
the powerful item could have been a priest spell book although your char uses arcane magic or vice versa, there are a few similar scenarios where you might have squelched the item that triggered the level feeling because it would have been useless for your char anyway
the item could have been destroyed before you found it, for example a potion of augmentation destroyed by some breather
similarly it could have been picked up by some intelligent monster, if you kill that monster, it will drop the item again, but you can't know whether it is a drop from the monster or just something the monster picked up if you didn't observe the pick up
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There's another, probably buggy, case that happens often: excellent levels due to potion mimic mimicking a potion of augmentation or any other high level potion. The object counts towards the feeling when it should not.
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