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I feel no shame in having abused 555 or cloned a billion caaws. It was literally the best.
Glaurung, Father of the Dragons says, 'You cannot avoid the ballyhack.'
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What is 555, anyway?
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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
What is 555, anyway?
It's somewhat of an exploit.
The dungeons heaven and hell occupy tiles on the overworld map.
Since these dungeons are depth 555 and 666 respectively, their tiles are as well.
However, in the wilderness before this update, monsters who could spawn were very rarely dangerous. Despite this, they were still dropping items which had an obscenely high depth level.
This meant +20 speed rings, rings with immunities, amulets which partially prevent summoning, powerful weapons and devices with egos to match etc. etc.

EDIT: Also I would like to say, nice changes Chris. However I am sad about the easy_ID mode giving instant pseudo-ID a-la mpa. I would kill for having *ID* be set aside alone. Possibly giving all races Good Pseudo-ID, but the instant level-35 style ID always felt wierd to me.
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I am very excited about the new poschengband. Thank you chris!
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wobbly will become famous soon enough
Good to see a new version. Thought I'd post this here in case you don't have time to look at dumps. The zombie charisma penalty is giving it fear vulnerability.

There's a mechanics issue where chr is doing conflicting things. e.g. fear, shop, casting stats on mystics, beastmaster, sorcerer.

Now sometimes it works: 1/2 trolls being weak willed, easy to break when injured.

Sometimes it doesn't: zombies are fear vulnerable & not scary.
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Looking forward to starting a new character on this new version and seeing how the item progression changes feel! I'm still working on my 4.0.1 balrog warrior for now. Having loads of fun.
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Just adding "thanks for all the hard work", I am really enjoying 4.0.1. The new cosmetic changes (charsheet, monsterlist, etc) are great. And the way wands and staves work now is much better.

As for the shopping conversation, I'm happy with it. Don't do to much carry-for-cash once >CL30. Mainly use the shops for *ID* artifacts (I play randarts only for more variation) and enchant arrows (they burn up so easy). And auto *ID* (with normal id) on rings/amulets is great, saves lugging heaps of them back to town.
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Hmm.. has the identification mechanic changed to require *id* for egos? I don't remember needing to *id* robes of elemental protection to cover low resistances, but now I seem to need to do that (4.0.2)?

EDIT: also, is the switch to 3-40 stats style anywhere on the horizon?

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I was trying out Nightmare difficulty and was on level 5 of Stronghold when I was 1-shotted by Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst, a level 92 unique
I'm not sure if I'll try Nightmare again
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Cool, a new version. I'm happy with the 555 fix. But, not with clone monster. With the loss of clone monster (And 'dispel' still really being 'Uncounterable Dispel All'), that's gg. I guess I'll go for another nightmare win in the future when the game goes in a direction that appeals to me. RIP.

(Disclaimer: I haven't played the latest version, just going by what I read.)
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