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Question On kill and Raspbian


Hellband will compile on Raspbian, but it throws a warning on

files.c:4633:8: warning: implicit declaration of function �kill’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
  (void)kill(0, SIGSTOP);
I thought to solve this with typecasting the parameters since forcing zero into a structure seems arcane, but still had the exact same warning
  (void)kill((pid_t)0, (int)SIGSTOP);
I checked the man page, and I do have the proper include.
So then I went to read signals.h and found the following
/* Send signal SIG to process number PID.  If PID is zero,
   send SIG to all processes in the current process's process group.
   If PID is < -1, send SIG to all processes in process group - PID.  */
#ifdef __USE_POSIX
extern int kill (__pid_t __pid, int __sig) __THROW;
#endif /* Use POSIX.  */
There is no reference to POSIX anywhere in hellband header files, so what do I do? Just add the __USE_POSIX flag to the makefile for Raspbian? Am I missing something?

I dont run in to this at all when compiling for Ternux.
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