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Recent YAVPs and thoughts

Here's my latest victory post on the ladder, first winner with a warrior and my lowest turncount win yet.

Getting comfortable with a pure melee class took some time, but in the end it proved an effective choice. The end-game was actually easier than I'd been led to believe - with such obscene damage output (7 hits per round with Aule!), worrying about high-level breath attacks, summoning, etc, was less of an issue, since most of the uniques didn't last long enough to do anything nasty. I didn't even have shards, light, disench, or nether resistance for most of the game - 1150hp is handy. It was interesting that artifact activations become much more relevant for a warrior - Palantir, Elessar, and Colluin were some of my most significant finds.

Here's my next most recent win, first winner with a mage.

The most frustrating thing about this game was having to win it without the aid of Kelek's - my char killed Sauron and found the One Ring before getting the last spellbook! The main tool for this game was Rift. Rift handles all problems. It's offense and defense all in one. Then my char found the One Ring and just switched to pure melee - never even bothered with mana storm or chaos strike or the like.

Anyway, Angband's been awesome, especially the newest release, but now that I've won with each class, I think I'll take a break for a while.
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