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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
My recollection is that using 'I' on the book is enough to get you the full price on return.
I wish, I already got 1 instead of 2 a couple of times now using 'I' only. It's probably an odd bug.

Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
It's been awhile. Doesn't returning book to the library get you skill points to spend on character development?
Yes it does, but it sometimes gives me the wrong number of them.
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i have a question.

with all the changes in wording of things in steamband, what term should i look for to find enchantment mechanisms.

maybe a better question would be if enchantment exists in this variant.

hopefully i can find a better way to ask my question by the time i post my gadgeteer on the ladder.

let me try putting the link into this post:

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Mechanisms of enchant weapon or armor? They may exist there, but if so they are very rare, you better find another weapon. It's of little use anyway, aesthete class can enchant ('enhance') weapon and armor but it doesn't help them much except for unlimited cash (Steamband has that exploit of selling enchanted items back to the shop).

Generally mechanisms are just like scrolls but with the word 'mechanism of' instead of 'scroll of', all those 'Copper Anemonet' etc it's irrelevant flavor like 'us inflacto' etc scroll titles in Vanilla, if you are not sure what it does, check it with 'I'.

Mechanisms = scrolls, tools = staves, apparatuses = rods, enigmatic devices = spell books for engineers (there are ordinary spell books too).

Also about my questions, I found the answer for one of them on the internet
>You get a random amount between 1 and the number displayed when you return a book to the library.
Not sure if it's true... it's a bit strange anyway.

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