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Need a bigger house!

Just came back from DL98 with an amazing vault. Also been waiting to use several scrolls of *acquirement* until reaching this depth.
Now I have A LOT to carry back upstairs.

It would be so much better if we could get bigger houses.
I'm a sentimental person, and it's really hard for me to lose items I found along the way.

Right now I'm trying to decide which weapon and armor I should use for my battle with Sauron and Morgoth.
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Here's my current @
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Good lord, mate, you're more than strong enough. Three immunities, +31 speed, 443 damage/round vs. evil, 1100 HP, 24 potions of *Healing* and 15 potions of Life? Ringil, Cubragol, two Rings of Power, and Dwarven Power Dragon Scale Mail?

What are you waiting for, Eru himself to come down and smite Morgoth for you?
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Pete Mack
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Whoops, I lost an earlier response to this. Bottom line: you don't need any new equipment. You need to kill Morgoth. For that, there are some non-negotiable consumables that you would ordinarily gather during the entire game. To make room for them, get rid of all the weapons worse than Ringil (which means essentially all of them), and all the armor worse than PDSM (again: essentially all of it.)
Here is what you should keep:
* Scrolls of *Destruction*, Mass Banishment, and Banishment. It is nice to have about 5 each, but you can get by with fewer.
* Potions of Speed and in case of emergency, a few *Healing* and Healing. !rMana is *not* really enough.

You might consider swapping in Feanor and the Mod of Gondolin for a while, as Ringil is giving you surprisingly poor damage at the moment. Consider a big ring of Damage instead of the second Ring of Power.

Here is a recent (randart) Paladin winner from which you might get an idea of what others go in with:

Note that this one used nearly all its *Mass Banishment*.
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