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malcontent is on a distinguished road

Not dead yet, but my psyche is seriously damaged...

Dunadan Rogue at CL 43 and about 65K turns, Morgoth about 90% dead, Need to TO a summon and finish the job. And instead of TO, I fat finger a "d" instead of a "c" to teleport through the ceiling.


Now thinking about how to regroup. 3 out of 5 wands of annihilation exploded during the battle. I still have a stack of 10 drain life wands but not my preferred method with Morgoth. Most of my *Healing* were used up because his mana storm always put me at about 325 HPs where plain old Healing was dicey.

I either get to wander around the dungeon looking for supplies for awhile or try a different strategy. Contemplating simply never letting Morgoth see me though I've never attempted that strategy before and I don't really like the battle drawn out that long and as tedious as I think it will be. I have a un-verified theory that he won't summon if he can't see me.
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