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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Good luck! And if you die, try it again with V3.0.9 or with Eddie's patch. 3.1.0 is in pretty bad shape for extreme diving right now. (Orc and troll pits are no longer such useful sources of stat potions, etc.)
What changed to make this be the case?
huh, this kind of thing is why I'm still playing 3.0.5...

Mind you if I was a newbie I'd just pick up the latest version. My issue is I haven't really seen what is broken with 3.0.5 so why change..
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Pete Mack
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there's been an attempt to solve the problem of too much junk getting generated. Unfortunately it is only half done, so there's less stuff created, nut the fraction of good stuff has not increased. In some ways it has actually gone down: arrows and healing potions are rarer as a percentage as well.
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Squelching isn't efficient enough to sort out junk?
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I found some scrolls of deep descent and bought all i could get from the black market. Made diving fast really easy. I'm hoping i can find some more resists, a better bow, and some stat potions before I die...

Its pretty scary down there. I've found very few potions, but I'm starting to find some interesting equipment. Lots of monsters and equipment that i've never seen before. If nothing else, I'm learning alot.
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