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calculate balls

May be I didn't search help file enough, but I can't find calculating damages from magic balls.

I.e. I breathe fire ball radius 3 with 100 dam in center. The next 2 circles give smaller damages... how smaller?
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It's in the Spoilers file for Magic:

I will post details below, WARNING SPOILER

Many spells will produce some kind of ball. For all ball effects,
damage is reduced by range. The amount of damage at the center is
listed in the descriptions. This damage is reduced by 50% at range 1,
by 66% at range 2, by 75% at range 3 (for large balls), and by 80% at
range 4 (for giant balls).

==== END SPOILERS =====

So there you go!
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Oh, the innuendo!

Originally Posted by henryngo View Post


Many spells will produce some kind of ball. (...) ball effects (...) large balls (...) giant balls).

Where do I start?!

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