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[Z2.74c] (Nightmare mode) - Suicide's Mission

I've started a High-Elf Life/Death Mage on Zangband 2.74c, using Nightmare mode. I had a previous attempt at doing this, but relied heavily on save files, got down to dungeon level 47ish before I decided to start over fresh, and NOT use save files. So, this char is do or die, no restarting. Come what may.

For those not familiar with Nightmare mode, its HARD, and totally unfair. Ty curse activates each night at midnight (which randomly can do alot of bad stuff). Stat reductions, more often than not, are permanent. Enemies have double HP, higher speed, higher AC, better chance of hitting you, do more damage and have random resists. There are invisible monsters on dungeon level 1 even. Good items are harder to find. Monsters can be created INSANELY out of depth (I have a save file from my previous character, which has cyberdemons at dungeon level 20!). More commonly, monsters are generated 10-30 levels OOD about every other level once you get into the 20's. You can only have one level of resistance (temp and permanent don't stack). Much harder than original Zangband.

I have chosen Life Magic for the Globe of Invulnerability, Warding True, the various Healing/Restoration spells, and the *visible monster damage* spells. Sorcery might work here as well, but I picked Life. If this attempt fails, I'll give Sorcery a try. Death Magic primarily for the Genocide family of spells, but also for the *visible monster damage* spells, Wraithform, and Hellfire. High-Elf for the stats, and because See Invisible is a MUST from the very beginning.

I have posted his Char dump so far on the Ladder, which explains his adventure a little more. As of this writing, he is now level 11 and surviving well on dungeon level 7-8. My main concern so far is his Life Rating seems to be low (only 46 hp over the course of 10 levels, as a High Elf, plus the initial 10).
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