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Angband with 13 level skip

One of the things I find a bit tiresome as someone who is currently playing Angband all the time is how large the early levels are and how difficult it is to find the stairs. Early levels are the same size as end-game levels.

So every once in awhile I modify the constants.txt to skip levels. Recently I was having fun playing with 13 level skip. It meant that when you descend from town the first time you are on DL13 so I'd bring a lot of flasks of oil and just decimate everything in sight and quickly reach CL12 or so. If you can find a shimmering mold as your first target, it's a great way to gain 8 levels right off the bat.

I killed off a lot of @s that way, but it was fun. I finally got a Half-troll Paladin to make some headway and only had one near death experience. I fought Morgoth without Life potions and without Con and Wis sustains, but I did have one mushroom of vigor. It was enough to see to his end.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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