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Quick question about ui-menu.c

I am working on getting the NPP squelch using the latest UI from Angband, and I can't figure something out.

Inside the sval squelch menu, I am trying to make it so the player can navigate by menu selections as well as the arrow keys. The original menu.cmd_keys was this:

const char cmd_keys[] = { ARROW_LEFT, ARROW_RIGHT, '\0' };
menu.cmd_keys = cmd_keys;

The up and down arrows worked to navigate the screen, and left and right toggled the settings.

I am trying to do the same thing, except let the player type a single letter to jump to another setting using the menu.selection option.

So I have this in there (I need to reserve ANSL for the 4 NPP squelch settings, and I wanted them to be able to be toggled by + and - as well as the arrow left and right keys:

menu.cmd_keys = "ANLS+-\x8A\x8B\x8C\x8D\n\r"; /* \x8A-D = ARROW DIRECTION KEYS */
menu.selections = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzBCDEFGHIJKMOPRTUVWXYZ12 3467890";

When I add the menu selections line. I lose the use of the arrow up and down keys to navigate. When I comment it out, I lose the arrow up and down keys for navigation. Arrow left and right don't get any response either way.

My sval action is squelch.c looks like this:

switch (cmd)

case 'S':
k_info[idx].squelch = SQUELCH_ALWAYS;
return (TRUE);
case 'L':
k_info[idx].squelch = NO_SQUELCH_NEVER_PICKUP;
return (TRUE);
case 'A':
k_info[idx].squelch = NO_SQUELCH_ALWAYS_PICKUP;
return (TRUE);
case 'N':
k_info[idx].squelch = SQUELCH_NEVER;
return (TRUE);

case '+':
change_squelch_setting(idx, 1);
return TRUE;
case '-':
change_squelch_setting(idx, -1);
return TRUE;
default: break;

What am I missing to get all the direction keys and the menu.selection option working at the same time? Thanks.
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This is most likely incorrect advice, but I remember the last time I tried something with a constant similar to abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzBCDEFGHIJKMOPRTUVWXYZ12 3467890 it turned out there were two of them depending upon roguelike keyset, and I wasn't modding the one that matched my key setting.
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Pete Mack
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Did you get this worked out? Eddie's comment about roguelike keyset is very likely the right one.
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