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[FA]Surviving Thrall Mode

ok so im a stickler for punishment.

my characters die with NORMAL mode in FA , and im on to FA Thrall Mode.

tried a Grey-Elf Ranger (most Munchkin) and then a Maia Ranger.

still died 5 times.

what IS the trick ?

run up and down stairs of Anfauglith ?

what are your suggestions on Playstyle ?
"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche.
(does this mean the RNG learns my worst fears, mummy?)
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Pete Mack
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Stealth, stealth and more stealth. I haven't played Thrall mode yet, but the old versions of FA had lethal wilderness too. The most straightforward way to survive was to just tiptoe around the edges, detecting all the way.
Note that both of Psi's characters who made it home had Unlight.
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As Pete says, you need a whole bag of stealth. I reckon the best bet is a Longbeard Rogue - as I've said elsewhere: Dwarven - so you are not slowed by the rubble, Rogue - so you can take Unlight. Once you've taken unlight, unwield and drop all your torches.

Rather than just go up and down into Angband, use your detection and make your way south to the stairs into Anfauglith 56 when it it safe enough to do so. Then concentrate your efforts around those two zones. You'll probably gain your first few levels quaffing potions and reading scrolls (save your ?id for rings and amulets). Then take out a dragon bat, dragon fly or vortex. Hopefully you'll find some nice rods and wands that will let you take down something bigger and then not too long after that you want to start on Vrocks and Mumaks (assuming you've picked up a useful weapon by then). As soon as night falls you want to flee to Gondolin. It is a million times easier at night and I would not try and attempt it during the day because of the Spirits guarding vaults etc.
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