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"Angbandish" monsters

I wanted to ask, which of the monster feel particular "Angbandish" to you and which don't?

I'd count molds, jellies and zephyr hounds as particular Angbandish, but I'm curious about others opinions

The yeeks and kobolds always seemed strange to me, and I was surprised that newer Angbands even have kobold as a player race. Dragons and orcs felt too generic somehow, to define the game for me.
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Zephyr Hounds, Quylthulgs, Druj (they seem to be folkloric, but the implementation is very unique), and most especially the (t)ownsfolk. (Some of these are of course from Moria, but it still counts.)

Also some uniques just scream "Angband", like Boldor, Qlzqqlzuup, and Kavlax.
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Originally Posted by Djabanete View Post
Also some uniques just scream "Angband", like Boldor, Qlzqqlzuup, and Kavlax.
I now want to make uniques shout "Angband" as they come toward you - like Frodo shouting "The Shire" when he stabbed the cave troll in the foot.
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Except for master Q -- for him, you should just access random bytes in the address space of the running program and emit them as his warcry.
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