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The Story of Vengance, the goblin rogue {Steam}

Here begins a tale of revenge for your amusement, hoping I can go all the way with it...

Part I

Bloody hell! That's what I was thinking when I woke up, bleary eyed in this hell hole they call a town. A town! At the center of the earth! Well, I suppose it beats melting to death instantly in a sea of magma.

The timing of this whole thing sucks. I mean here I am, largest of 5 pups. The Dominator, as I like to refer to myself. Ready to kick goblin sibling ass, kill off the old man, and assume the position. Shaman, one rung lower on the totem pole from Chief. One hundred twenty years of waiting, biding my time. Slowly, ever so slowly, making things ready. For what? The bastard! He knew, somehow he knew. For how long I don't know but just when I'm ready
to make my move. Bam! He pulls some ancient shaman voodoo thing on me and here I am, stuck at the center of the earth.

I don't even know if its the same earth. You know, caves are my life. Born and raised in one. But this is something completely different. Wierd creatures everywhere! Everything seems to be straight out of some old Victorian era sci-fi novel. Not that I've read any but I've heard the odd story. Speaking of which I keep finding them. Books I mean. I've been reading them to try to make sense of this odd world. I've learned quite a bit and its been worth my while turning them in to the library in the town. ( odd that, a library in the town at the center of the earth, but then this whole thing is odd )

I've decided to pursue the course I know best, thievery! Hah! I'll get out of here one way or another. And when I do I'm going to find that SOB! And when I do I'm going to do something nasty! I'm not sure what yet, but believe me it'll make all that voodoo shit he's always going on about look like playtime at the Society for Goblins with learning disabilities ( that's not really it name, we like to call it 'school' ).

Anyways, here's all the stuff I managed to grab my first trip up the stairs from the town. Oh yeah, I got some 'quest' from the dude at the library, what the hell is an obsidian snake-woman anyways? Sounds kinda sexy...

[Steamband 0.4.1 Character Dump]

Name Vengance Self abcdefghijkl@ Best
Sex Male Age 120 MUS: 100 ............. 100
Race Goblin Height 47 AGI: 251 ............. 251
Class Rogue Weight 78 VIG: 88 ............. 88
Title Cutpurse Status 29 SCH: 139 ............. 139
WP 8/8 MaxDepth Lev 49 EGO: 99 ............. 99
SP 34/34 Preserve Y CHR: 118 ............. 118

Level 10 Armor [6,+6] Saving Throw Bad
Cur Exp 616 Blows 1/turn Stealth Legendary[2]
Max Exp 616 Shots 0/turn Fighting Excellent
Adv Exp 765 Infra 20 ft Shooting Abyssal
Disarming Very Good
Stat Skill Equip. Total Magic Device Fair
Melee (-1,-1) (+0,+0) (+0,+0) (-1,-1) Perception Good
Shoot (-1,+0) (+0,+0) (+0,+0) (-1,+0) Searching Excellent

You are the largest of a litter of 5 pups. Your father was
a shaman, and your mother was one of the Chief's harem. You
have dark brown eyes, a dark brown hide, and small, sharp

[Resists & Abilities]

Critical:............. Fthr Fall:............. Hvy Curse:.............
Vampiric:............. Telepathy:............. Mutation:.............
Throw:............. See Invis:............. No Magic:.............
Vorpal:............. Free Act:............. No Teleprt.............
Return:............. Wraithfrm:............. Drain SP:.............
Frce Brnd:............. Hold Life:............. Drain HP:.............
Fire Brnd:............. Reflect:............. Disrupt:.............
Elec Brnd:............. Invisible:............. Drn Items:.............
Ice Brand:............. Res Confu:............. Drn Exp:.............
Acid Brnd:............. Res Blind:............. Teleport:.............
Psn. Brnd:............. Res Fear:............. Aggravate:.............
abcdefghijkl@* abcdefghijkl@* abcdefghijkl@*
~( ) ~( ) ~( )


Disarming Traps 10
Disable Machine 1
Assassination 1
Stealth 12
Searching 10
Keen Eyes 1
Cowardice 1
Neophyte Combat 5
Standard Combat 1
Swift Blow 1
Martial Arts 12
Neophyte Firearms 1
Critical Shot 1
Throwing 3
Critical Throw 2
Throwing Accuracy 3
Swords 1
Daggers 1
Acrobatics 5
Dirty Fighting 10
Latin {*} 1
Occult Lore {O} 1
Ritual Magic {O} 1
Spirituality {S} 1
Tempered Will {*} 1
Sabotage 1
Gadgeteer 3
Utility Bandolier 1
Velocipede 1
Analytic Engine 1
Using Devices 5
Advanced Devices 1
Device Power Amp 1

[Steamware & Mutations]

You can evade monsters more effectively for a time.

[Character Equipment]

f) a Wooden Torch [2] <Fuel: 2012> {25% off}
g) a Leather Waistcoat [3,+0]
i) a Pair of Breeches [3,+0] {10% off}

[Character Inventory]

a) an Enigmatic Device [Utility Bandolier] {25% off}
b) 2 Cheese
c) 5 Haddocks
d) The Book [War of the Worlds]
e) The Book [Jane Eyre]
f) The Book [The Woman in White]
g) 4 Brass Aethercom Mechanisms of Phase Door {25% off}
h) a Molybdenum Hydropan Mechanism
i) a Gold-Plated Ray Gun of Photic Beam
j) a Dull Tool of Photon Generation
k) a Dull Tool of Photon Generation
l) a Moonstone Ring
m) a Viridigen Ring
n) a Jet Ring
o) a Silver Amulet
p) a Wooden Torch [2] <Fuel: 0> {25% off}
q) a Club (1d6|4) [2] {average}
r) 2 Throwing Hatchets (1d8|0) {average}
s) 8 Throwing Daggers (1d4|0) (+0,+0) {@v1}
t) a Pick (1d3|1) (+0,+0) <+15> {@w1}
u) a .25 Derringer (x2) (+0,+0)
v) 19 Pistol bullets (2d11|0) (+0,+0)
w) 43 Pistol bullets (2d11|0) {average}

[Current Quest]

To fulfill your task, you must kill 14 Obsidian Snake-women on dungeon level 48.
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manchu is on a distinguished road
Part II

Holy chicken guano! Literally! Almost got pecked to death by a bunch of Cocky Locky's lackies... Its not like I've been blessed with the vigor of an ogre or anything, I'm just a goblin for crimony sakes! Thank my lucky stars I thought to bring those tonics with me or it woulda been done right there!

On the plus side the food is awesome! I just found a bunch of kidney pudding. Hello! Who would have thought I would find gourmet goblin food down here? Together with the cheese, haddock and a little bottle of slime mold juice and I'm in heaven. Hmmmm... kidney pudding ... that gives me an idea about what to do with that dirty so-and-so when I get out of here...

By the way, I was right about the snake-women. Seems just wrong to kill them, but its them or me right?

Quick update. Have finished off the first quest. I feel I can train my skills a bit more. Together with the books, the quests seem to be the way to develop my abilities. I've learned how to discover and obtain coin from it seems just about every creature I come in contact with. I'm sure to be filthy rich soon. Oh the joy!

I nailed that bugger the Invisible Man. Did I find a treasure on him! These new daggers are definitely making their mark...

5 Well-balanced Throwing Daggers of Burning (1d4|0) (+2,+4)
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Location: Fort McMurray, Canada
Age: 54
Posts: 29
manchu is on a distinguished road
Part III

These daggers make my little goblin heart sing! I've managed to train my strength up to where I can whip one of these babies forty feet. That may not sound much to most people but that's a feat for any goblin I've ever known. Not only that but my last quest ( alien plasomorph - yeah, aliens. wierd shit huh? ) was a cake walk, one throw kills for the most part.

I'm finding I'm a natural with most of the gizmos I've been finding. Guess that's just a goblin thing.

I definitely rely on that old goblin motto though, 'run away to fight another day'. In fact I stumbled into a bad situation that almost got me killed, only the etheric travel mechanism and the every handy tonic of cure saved me. I'll tell you one thing, spider monkeys are worse than the little goblin bastards I grew up with. Screaming and yelling, getting everyone else all worked up. That large dog-man ( a hideous creation I must say ) was practically frothing at the mouth to get at me. Before I could move he had almost had me for dinner. As I said, I escaped, but only barely. I'd much rather throw a dagger in his eye from 10 paces or sneak up on him with a fist to the back of the neck ( very goblinish that ).

I've continued to stock up on fish and kidney pudding ( my current fave ), with the addition of the wine I found I'm due for a feast.

I found some square toed shoes that seemed like they would be better protection but I really can't see myself wearing anything but boots. Ditto for the petticoats, I don't care how many layers of fabric they have, I'm just not wearing them! I might just trade in the beanie though. Can't you just see my handsome goblin face, stylin in a top hat?

The money's not rolling in quite as fast as I thought it would. I'm going to need a lot more practice being discrete ( not generally a goblin forte ). With a bit more experience I'm sure 'business' will pick up.

There is a shop in town that specializes in body modifications. I'm having him do some research on an eye mod. Better to see em coming I always say...
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Part IV

Hokay. Some more really wierd stuff. I ran into this terminal thingy that made me feel all quesy. But it also seemed to change me somehow. First off, and this is a real plus for a goblin, my muscles began to bulge outrageously. Then I found that my body was healing unnaturally. ( considering the number of creatures that I've run into that have seriously hurt me, that's a good thing! )

You are superhumanly strong (+80 MUS).
You are regenerating.

In other news, my eye mods were ready so I had the dude implant them. Damn that hurt! I seem to have adjusted to them and can now see anything that gives off heat from quite some distance, even in the dark. ( something us goblins do well already but it has really enhanced my natural ability ) I think I'll have to try out some of his other mods. Maybe something to make me a bit tougher.

You have alpha level enhanced eyesight (60' infra)

The big news is the epic battle I just came from. With the new detective's kit I purchased I am now able to sense nearby creatures. I do this mostly to avoid danger and in this case I almost ran away when I sensed three special creatures, each with their own unique name, each also in their own room full of escorts. I was about to just run off and explore somewhere else but the urge to test out my growing skills got the better of me. The layout was a large room divided into four small rooms, each with its own door. Well, it just so happens that one of the creatures woke up ( bloody spider monkeys again ) and was headed my way. I had jammed most of the doors nearby with spikes ( neat trick that ) so it came along a predictable route. Its name was 'lot 249', a nasty creation of some evil genius. I decided to test my dagger on it and dropped it in its tracks with one well placed toss.

Hah! Maybe I'll try to sneak up on the others and do the same ( since sneaking is my specialty! ). No such luck, the spider monkeys woke up everyone! Lucky for me I had prepared the area accordingly, also lucky for me is that they were mostly troglodytes ( a stupid creature if ever there was one ) so I was able to stand by a doorway and break their skinny little necks as they rushed through to their doom.

Next up was this sweet little babe, Red Sonja. I met her in a hallway as she rushed around a corner only to be greeted by another of my flaming daggers. She dropped the book she was carrying as she gurgled her last. That will be added to the growing collection at the library.

Finally came a white haired monkey all dressed up as a ship's captain carrying a nasty looking knife ( if you think that makes for an odd picture you are spot on ). He moved quickly and had a look of rage on his face. Well I let the sucker come at me and let fly once more a dagger. He ran screaming, the flaming dagger lodged in his chest. I've no doubt the little bastard would have dropped eventually but I buried another in his back as he was fleeing and he dropped on the spot. With him was another of the books that I have been collecting and also a most amazing trench coat!

I studied it with one of the mechanisms I purchased from Delilah the Machinist in town. ( she's a sweet looking number mind you she also happens to be a Rakshasa which they tell me is some evil spirit from India ) Sorry, got a bit off track. The trenchcoat. It just so happens is 'of the Mercurial Engine', which just means its forged from the fires of Mercury. Don't ask me how thats done but it is the most amazing thing. It has enhanced my physical body and I feel much faster with it on. It seems to protect against various types of elements. The small price to pay is that wearing it seems to effect my energy reserves. Which is just fine with me cause frankly all that voodoo stuff just ticks me off. If I need to use any 'power' to do anything, such as using the detective's kit I'll just take it off for a few minutes till I get done what I need.

a Heavy Trenchcoat of the Mercurial Engine (-1) [7,+36] <+6, +3> {Aldens}

I've learned even more how to move like the shadows. Most things don't even see me coming. Oh goblin joy, killing ones enemies in their sleep!
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Part V

Well, what a pickle! I've started the quest for these 'Selenite Sustenance Engine' thingies. What a nasty piece of work they are! And they don't even move around! I figure I'll stick a dagger or two in em from 15 paces like most other things and that'll be it. They're a lot tougher than they look. Worst of all, for all that they just sit there, they seem to be a bugger to hit with my throwing daggers. Now I've gone and tossed em all at one of these things and its still not dead! I try to go in to finish it off by hand and whammo, I get hammered by some invisible force. I give my head a shake and realize I'm somewhere else completely, and half dead to boot. I chug a couple tonics and rest up a bit then go hunting. I'm loath to leave my precious daggers behind but I don't know how I'm going to get close enough to that thing to finish it off and get my daggers back. So I sneaks back there, lucky I'm stealthy as a shadow. I manage to find a way to get around this thing from the backside seeing as its just around the corner of a hallway. I'm also quick enough that I can jump out, give it a couple of whacks, and dash back round the corner just as its about to attack me.

Long story short, I offed the dang thing and got my daggers back. I decided to try the same tactic on the rest with good success. I've got back to town and with the extra experience of battling these new enemies I've begun to train in an art called 'Ninjitsu'. Seems it is some ancient assassin's teaching. I like it!

I faced off with a couple more unique creatures and have acquired a few more nice things. A hat previously owned by a fellow by the name of Sherlock. It seems to be better protection than my beanie and it sure makes me feel smart wearing it. I also picked up a pair of trousers, they are quite toasty warm and should provide more protection from the colder elements. Lastly I obtained, via my favorite route - smack im in the head till 'es dead - a revolver of the gunslinger. I never use it but just keeping it holstered at my hip makes me a bit quicker of foot.

I've added dermal plating to my body modification list. Next up something called 'enhanced reflexes', its supposed to make me faster. All the better to dash up on my unsuspecting prey! I've gotten quite deadly by now, if its asleep when I get there it never wakes up!
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I'm really enjoying your writing, keep it up!
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Part VI - the final chapter

I make this entry as I lay here, sorely hurt. I fear I may not see town again. I've activated my portal of returning as a last resort. Gone are all my tonics. My wounds seem to be getting the best of me. Over confident in my abilities I decided to attempt the quest to kill General Zaroff. It may turn out to be a fatal mistake. It became clear after two tosses that even five daggers would not be enough. He was too evasive to hit consistently. His arsenal too strong. A rifle he fired at me several times, then hounds summoned which I could not see. Though I escaped through etheric travel and healed several times my greed overcame me as I tried to recover my daggers. Had I left them I may not have ended in this sorry estate. I managed to recover three and was prepared to use my portal when a gatling automaton fired upon me. Quickly I used my mechanism of travel but alas I appeared within striking distance of the General. I escaped but not before he had pierced me again. Even then I may have escaped this pitiful state had I not landed once again within shooting distance of the gatling automaton. Another bullet and I am now left to wonder if I my revenge will finally whither on the vine. I curse that bastard for sending me here. Maybe some other traveller lost in the depths of the earth will discover my sad tale and avenge me, poor goblin that I am...
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Alas, the revenge of our little goblin is cut short by the worst of all things bandish - overconfidence in one's growing skills. Poor Vengance succumbed after a desperate battle in which luck was against him. Indeed, had his second to last escape landed him in some safer quarter of the level he would have succeeded in fleeing to town. But fate, it seems, was not smiling upon him, hapless goblin that he was. None shall mourn his passing and no songs shall be sung in his honor. Someone may some day take up his torch and follow in his steps but for now, his memory fades away like the last beams of sunlight in a pale twilight sky.
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