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Originally Posted by Bogatyr View Post
Sorry to hear that, what happened?
Wielding an unblessed edged weapon causes an increase in prayer failure rates for priests. When you're betting your life on a teleport other prayer, there is an infinite chasm between 0% and even 1% fail rate.
Aha! I knew there must be something else. I'll have to play around a bit and see how things go. (And carry plenty of scrolls.)

As for my mage, on dl24 she lost both her copies of Conjuring & Tricks and got nailed by Azog when most of her mana was already gone and Teleport Self failed. (She'd been fleeing some other unique after finally succeeding to Haste Self and literally ran right into him.) The strategy... it is not my strong point.

The kobold is doing well, though! I've never actually played one before at all, and she seems to make a rather good priest. (Also, I've been lucky with treasure so far.)
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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
lucky and find a "priestly" weapon with better damage output.
Swaps. One priesty weapon for normal adventuring and one high-damage one against critters that you want to kill fast.

Good thing is that blessed and *slay evil* weapons both are safe for priest to use and those can contain ESP. Check BM, temple and weapon shop for those every time you visit town. It helps a lot later to have ESP.

One hint: to ensure that you get OoD asap stop gaining spells at clvl 7, then learn spells from book 3 when you reach clvl 9. That makes it sure that you get OoD at clvl 9.
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