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Here's another view. I'd score on birth options. Both as a multiplier & a metric. Off the top of my head:

Forced Decent - Turn count
Iron Man - ?
Beginner? - Clvl, depth reached

Edit: probably even no need for the multiplier. Either build it in to the metric, or let different play styles compete on equal footing. You can see the options in the dump anyway, if you're looking for something particular.

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Originally Posted by Werbaer View Post
I disagree.
Score by turncount favours melee playstyle, and punishes use of spells, since you need to rest much more.
My mages never (voluntary) melee or shoot, only use spells (and in some games wands and rods, sometimes not). Playing a mage as a warrior with utility spells gets a better score? No thanks.
Originally Posted by Rydel View Post
I agree the turn count should affect the score at winning - you should get more points for winning with a low turn turn and less with a high one, factoring in your class.
Emphasis added. I'd put in a bonus for winning, which scales based on how many turns you took, but the point it scales off would be what's considered average for your class (or possibly race/class combo, but I don't think race is causing major differences there). So, while a Mage takes longer, they'd also be judged off a higher target time.
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I don't think this should be included in an integrative total score, but I'd be interested in metrics that convey how much exploration occurred.

Total Tiles seen


Level dependent
Sum[ DL/100 * Tiles on that DL]

I'm not sure we'll ever get a full replay capability but something like this could help fill out the char dump

50' 200 Game Turns, 100 tiles
100' 115 Game Turns, 47 tiles
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