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Ingwe Ingweron
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[FA] How do I activate Warrior Probe skill?

At long last, and after many @ deaths, I finally got a warrior @ to level 35. As a warrior he gained the intrinsic skill of Probing, but I've no idea how to activate the skill. m, G, p, none of these work. How does the warrior use this skill?

I've enjoyed FAAngband's use of terrain and multiple towns, wilderness areas, mountains, and dungeons (with their mini-quests to gain power before the final battle). Much more a sense of a journey and adventure than Angband's dungeon crawl. Don't know if people would think it is too much of a change, but I think Vanilla would benefit from the incorporation of those ideas.

On the downside, I've found the [FA] interface structure is less user friendly than Vanilla's (e.g., not being able to get item information or manipulate items directly from the inventory menu, etc.). But I know Nick's pretty busy with the Angband code restructure. Maybe Angband 4.0 will have some good things to be incorporated into FAAngband.
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Vanilla maintainer
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It should be 'm' - but I've broken it. Sorry.

Angband changes to FA at some point - definitely. FA wilderness to Angband - we'll see
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Ingwe Ingweron
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Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
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Thanks, Nick. It's been fun trying FAAngband. Definitely has been harder than Vanilla. We'll see how long I can get this @ to last.
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