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I'm Peter and I play Angband since '98. Later I found ToME and play that quite a lot. On and off I play NPP since 0.4.x. Never won any game. I will try Quickband very soon. My recent time killer is FAangband while waiting for T3.
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Hi, I'm Aizkolari and start to play roguelikes about 13 years ago with Moria. I'm been playing Vainilla on and off for 5 years o so. I like playing spellcasting classes, usually mages or, depending of the game, the more similar to a mage.

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I'm Warrior and I started out with Moria around 89-90, won with a paladin, then found Angband in 95, won it with a mage. Then I found MAngband in early 97 and been playing that ever since and quite recently won it for the first time, with a Dunadan Warrior.
And, as you may have guessed... I prefer Warriors

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Hi all, I'm Dave and I've been playing Angband for 2-3 years now. The fresh Vanilla releases have totally gotten me hooked on the game again, to the detriment of all the other stuff I'm supposed to get done!

I used to be better at angband, but I also had a secret technique that would allow me to enter a relaxed and thoughtful state of mind; but seeing as how my gf gave birth to my son 6 months ago, I can't really sit at the computer getting.. er relaxed and thoughful all day

My last @ was a High-Elf warrior, playing in ironman mode. I made it to 1950' spending only 30/48 pts on stats (most of the rest on ?Id) before I died of stoopid.
His replacement is a Dunadan paladin, presently at 600' and carrying a ring of damage(+9) and a ring of lightning(+7), but wearing a ring of teleport & a ring of aggravate monster.... I didn't save as much $ for ?Id scrolls this time!
You sold a Broken Sword (1d2) (-2,-4) {average} (j) for 1 gold.
The shopkeeper howls in agony!
You say "Dude, the clue is in the name...".
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Oops, missed this thread when I registered a couple of months back.

I'm Chris, and I discovered Angband in 2000, almost a decade after sinking hundreds of hours into Moria. I have never won, and spend most of my time nowadays playing S or O. I have briefly tried Z, NPP, Mang and even GSN, but there just aren't enough gaming hours in a day.
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i´m Thomas from Germany and played Angband about 8 years ago ...
Visited the newsgroups at that time

Now, i am having a look at RogueLikes again.

So far, i noticed that NetHack and Angband are still alive and maintained - good
It seems, that NetHack is a bit more abandoned then usual, having Slash´EM the most active spawn ...
At Angband, the most active spawn seems to be ToME.

So, i will try out all four of them

Also, i noticed some old and new RogueLikes that (still) seem promising: ADOM (still not OpenSource, even going commercial) and Dungeon Crawl / Crawl (Stone Soup). Also, IVAN looks very interesting ...

So much to look at

Any experience with the above?
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I started in the early 1990's playing Rogue and Moria and then moved to Angband. Ive played on and off and have never won a game yet but I still think its one of the most addictive games ever. It even stands up to all those shiny new graphics heavy games.
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Wow, looks like I never said hi.

Hi, my name is Andrew! I'm 19 and I'm a physics student at UC Berkeley. I've been playing roguelikes on and off since I was six years old, my dad started me on Hack and Moria... and (as a consequence?) I've never liked a computer game with graphics more complex than Starcraft. Yes, I hate tiles and I use the roguelike keyset.

Mostly when I play nowadays I do vanilla-town Entroband speed-divers. I tend to first-stair dive, so my even my longest-lived characters don't get past dungeon level 45 or so. Entro is zany and cruel. My master plan is to win in this way with every race/class combo, starting with the plain old human warrior.
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Hi - I am Suizi. It's nice to be able to communicate with others who play Angband. I've been playing for many years. I am a Dwarven Warrior who absolutely HAS to sing and dance while in the dungeons. Which doesn't help much when I know I should be very very quiet! oh, well, one day day.
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I really should post something in here since I've been actively posting elsewhere for a bit now. I'm Neil, 30, and have been slaughtering random letters for a few years now, but for the last 3 or so I've been playing Vanilla almost exclusively - although I do dabble in variants from time to time.
I have sent legion @ symbols to their deaths and have three winners to show for it - two High Elf Rangers (one at level 48) and a Dunadan Warrior. All are immortalised here on the oook, and I'm now trying to reciprocate the coaching I received without causing too many disasters.
I've challenged myself to win Angband with each class, using a different race each time. Should keep me busy for a while.
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