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Blows Per Round Calculation Question

Hi again all -- quick question about blows per round with my priest. I'm using Angband 3.1.1 r16something. I have the spoiler files from Angband Vanilla v2.9.2, so I'm going with that calculation, assuming it hasn't changed much.

I have 18/180 STR -- meaning my ASB (adjusted str per blow) is 200

I'm using Calris at the moment (18 lbs), and the weapon speed modifier for priests is 0.3. So according the spoiler file

SWI = 200/18 *0.3 = 3.3333 --> round down to 3

Index this with my DEX of 140 gives me, according to the table... 5 blows per round!! But in game, the tooltip when I inspect the weapon says I only get 4. Is 4 a new limit for priests? Did the formula change since 2.9? Are my 'table-reading' abilities just awful?

Edit:Also, using a dagger also only nets me 4 blows/round. strange, since even if the formula did change, I should get 5 with such a light weapon. Also, for your viewing pleasure, I have attached a copy of my character dump and the excerpt of attack.spo which i get all these numbers

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Looks like you understand how to work the formula, but blows are capped based on class. Max blows for priest and mage is 4. Ranger, rogue, and paladin get 5. Only warrior can get 6.

The only way to get more than your class's max is to find items with +blows on them, such as a Dagger of Extra Attacks or The Short Sword 'Sting'.
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This is a quote from the attached attack.spo:

"Mages have a maximum of four natural blows per round, while
all other classes (except warriors) have a maximum of five."

So just to clarify, this has changed since v2.9?
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Pete Mack
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Yes. Priests get 4 blows as of 3.0.x
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