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3.2.0: unidentified items stack?


I just found a second pair of iron shod boots, which stacked in my inventory with the first one, both before being identified. This is early in the game so it makes it very likely that they are both ordinary.

Is this intentional? Just curious.
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Yep, it's intentional. Back before ID became super duper easy, one had to rely on 'tricks' like this just to get by.
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And if you think it's silly, consider this: how is the game to tell the difference between a new stack of un-ID'd iron shots, and a portion of a stack that you dropped earlier, or a single shot from same?
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It seems logical enough to me, anyway. Whatever your character's level of ID skills, they can presumably compare two things and see that they're identical, even if they don't actually know what they are yet. For the concept of pseudo-ID to make any sense at all, there must be some sort of subtle flavour difference between average/magical/ego that the character can figure out over time.
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