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Originally Posted by Moving Pictures View Post
Alright. So I did as you said: loaded up on the sneaky/stealthy stuff.

Zapped into a level. Got mugged by a nether wraith; managed to hold it off so it didn’t touch. Got mugged by a death knight, teleported it. Disposed of a hydra. That cleared the room ....

Detected doors/traps/stairs.

it’s a 4-5 level.

Snoop about. Murder a baby gold dragon in its slumber, same with a snake. Pick up a hydra .. prepare to line it up at 10 squares, and....

right around the corner is a shadow. ESP didn’t get it, so now I’m toe-to-toe with another level drainer. Marvy – but it didn’t notice, so I murder it.

So now I have a four-head hydra, death knight and a young white dragon in LOS. Knight is my worry, dragons I can handle.

Run away? I step back, but the Death knight whacks me with a spell while I’m retreating, a spell that’s resisted. (confusion, no doubt). I could flee, but it goes fast. Death knight resists cold, so I go with ring of ... acid, which I took off for that CON bonus. Right. I’m not hurt.

I stopped reading when you didn't 'Teleport Other' the death knight. Why didn't you 'Teleport Other' the death knight? I would have 'Teleport Other' the death knight. Next time 'Teleport Other' the death knight. Did I mention you should have teleported the death knight away?

It might seem rude of me to hammer the point excessively about teleporting the death knight away, but repetition works well when trying to learn new concepts. When I was losing a lot at Angband it was hard for me to listen to the advice of others and change my tactics. Either I didn't understand how to employ the tactic and so stopped trying it when it didn't work, or it was too foreign an idea to me to even want to try it. One thing I used to not understand about 'Teleport Other' was that the monster is still on the level and I will run into it again, so I saw it as a temporary band aid solution to a problem. Which raises the point others have made many times now. Don't clear the level. When I employed these two tactics together my game changed immensely.

I play with forced descent on. It means every time I recall, the next time I go down the stairs I will be one level deeper. I can never play the same depth twice and I can never play a higher level than the one I'm on. I have a limited number of levels before I am forced to fight the bosses. Even playing in this dangerous way, not clearing the level is still the smartest move. When you know there is danger you can't deal with on a level, then leave the level. If there is a vault, go to the vault, TO the deadly baddies and the ones that can summon if you can't kill them quickly, and never leave the vault for the remainder of the level (of course pink Qs often put a wrench in this plan). For you, where you have infinite levels at your disposal, maybe a good exercise would be to just hit the stairs a lot. Every time you see stairs, just take them, unless there is something *really* promising to keep you on the level.

One thing veteran players learn how to do is to know when a level is no longer interesting. This often happens very quickly on a level. There's no point in spending any more time on a level than is absolutely necessary when there is a whole other level with sleeping monsters on it to explore. The longer you are on a level, the more monsters are waking up. And if you start on a level with dangerous breathers near by, THIS is the best time to teleport yourself. At the start of a level, teleport self is relatively safe, especially if you are immediately in danger upon arriving on a level. But if you have no fail on Teleport level, then yeah. DO THAT.

Anyway, to reinforce how powerful teleport other is. During my games, if I haven't found teleport other by a certain depth, I start to view the game as a matter of time: if I don't find teleport other soon, I will die. If I find it, I won't. That said, I still prefer the half troll warrior to say Half Troll Rogue as the damage output and hitpoints of HT Warrior is so powerful, and the unknown about when I'll get teleport other is part of the fun.

A good rule of thumb is: if you teleport away the same individual very dangerous monster twice leave the level.

Something to consider about randomness in Angband. I used to have this idea that random meant you'd get something different each time, but you didn't know what you'd get. I've finally learned that what random really means is that you will get anything and it often doesn't feel random at all. For example, sometimes I get very discouraged when I'm in the DL40s because I get one horrible level after another; each one is filled with undead, Liches, Dreadmasters, etc. etc. and it just feels like all the DL40 levels are going to be like this for eternity. But randomness tends to put things in streaks. I often have lucky streaks, where all my ?phases land ideally, then none of them do. Or all the levels I go to are calm and quiet with good loot, and then all of them are lousy. This concept reinforces the idea to change levels if the level is not to your liking. You may have to change levels 10 times in quick succession. But you will eventually get a favorable level.

I am doing a thread that gives a detail report of my in game adventures. Maybe reading it would be helpful? It's for a half troll warrior, so might be helpful for your playstyle (which seems to be kill stuff). My playstyle is I want to kill everything, so I find Half Troll Warrior best for this way of playing. Regardless of your class/combo preference, I think it gives good advice and insight into tactics and staying alive. Follow my adventures here.

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