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keymaps for everyone !!

so, after playing agband non stop for uh .. how long has it been ? six years nearly, i just discovered a feature.

If you create a PRF file (which you can do simply by creating a new character and then create a keymap), and you name that file - or character - MAGE, RANGER, etc, then any new character, regardless of name, or race, or class, will use the appropriate PRF file as a default.

Example; i create a Dwarf Mage and call him "MAGE". I create a keymap file for him.

At any point that i create a new mage character, regardless of its name, or of it being a dwarf or not, it will automatically load the MAGE keymaps.
You can override this by creating a PRF / keymap file with the character's name.
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According to the documentation, you can also use [race].prf. : )
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Pete Mack
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You dont have to create a character-- in fact it it is better igmf you dont. Instead, set up the basic preferences for the class in a new character, and save to <class>.prf
That way none of the character-specific bindings are saved.
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Is any of this in the in-game manual?

Also, the text you see as you interact with key binding and saving could benefit from a callout on the general topic.
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