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Another Touhou Hengband playthrough

I'm doing another playthrough of the Touhou mod; this time, another 'easy' character - Watatsuki no Yorihime. Similar to Yuuka, she's another dual class with a powerful starting weapon - it gives base resists and activates for temporary resistance. She can learn one of realms of Hermit Arts; I'm picking Mysticism - it's close to Heng's Sorcery, with detection/utility spells. Yorihime doesn't have innate base resists + other like Yuuka did - she does have some high level resists, though, along with immunity to holy attacks; however, she's vulnerable to nether, darkness, and hellfire. Also, drinking a Potion of Life is an instant game over for her.

She has more unique abilities compared to Yuuka; her first lets her copy monster spells of a random deity monster suitable for current dungeon level. Next ability makes her counterattack any approaching monsters or those who attack her in melee - very helpful when being surrounded by weaker enemies, and devastates hound packs. It gets dispelled if you do anything other than waiting while it's active, though. Other abilities include plasma breath, temporary fire immunity + strong fire aura + fire brand, temporary light immunity + reflection. She also can use Barrier Guard.

Here's my quick route for early/mid game: Defeat Maggot, get ego-item, restart if it's not good enough. Start Thieves Quest as soon as possible; take out the first Bandit, grab the item in his room and leave. In this mod, house quests can't be failed, and monsters will constantly respawn when you reenter them - however, no initial items will be generated on further attempts. Bandits give enough experience to build up to level 9-10 in a short amount of time.

With a powerful enough character, you can clear other Human Village quests right now; Tupai quest should be doable with Monster Confusion + good AC/damage; Sewers can be handled by purchasing torches to throw at the puddles and Monster Confusion for the crocodile; Orc Camp is easy if you have decent AC/damage. This should be enough for around level 15; time to move to Angband and clear 6/12 RQ's for more 'excellent' loot. After that, get double resistance to fire and clear Doom Quest; Ring of Flames is a great early game item, and you can find good loot there. For Mimic's Treasure, you need Stone to Mud, haste and free action; get Potions of Speed, Wands of Stone to Mud by gathering materials in Dream Diary and trading with Marisa. Mimic also frequently gives great loot in the quest itself. Next up, Death Swords - should be easy enough if you have some ranged attacks.

After that, pick off the RQ 24 and grind at Scarlet Devil Mansion. It's an easily accessible level 30 area, you should manage to handle it right now. Level up to around 30. At this point, you can clear Basement quest if you don't have a good weapon yet, and then you can attempt grinding at Logrus Master quest.

It's another house quest that resets when you re-enter it; your target is Enchantress, who gives a good amount of experience and drops good items. Enter the quest, speed up, run towards her, defeat her and collect items, go back. Your biggest concern will be other two monsters waking up and getting in your way - you might want to recall out of the quest instead of taking the stairs. One of the rank 1 ability cards - 'Safe Return Amulet' is a recall from dungeon/quest level with a short delay; clear one of the ability card quests and trade for this card to get a good source of quick escape. Logrus Master chaos attack is also a concern - you don't have to resist chaos, but confusion and nether resistance (nether resist also provides hold life here, and chaos drains a lot of XP) are required.

I spend a good amount of time grinding here, getting to level 36 and obtaining some nice items - books 3 and 4 and a Ring of Speed +11. With that, I go into Cloning Pits and clear it, grabbing Shiva's Avatar boots. Next up, probably, some training in Dragon's Lair, Old Castle, other quests, and then blitzing through Angband to lower levels.
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